We insure your ship: Insurances for Seagoing, Inland craft vessels and Yachts – against all risks!

As specialized insurance brokers we are experts in providing solutions for all aspects of the maritime economy and act as an outsourced insurance department for our domestic and international customers within the inland and maritime navigation.

Together with our customers we develop the necessary insurance package so that you don’t get a suit from the peg but a tailor-made suit which perfectly fits in nearly every difficult situation whatsoever.

Whenever necessary our support team is available around the clock at 365 days a year for you to care in a quick, professional and non-bureaucratic manner about your damage and to initiate all actions which are necessary to deal with the damage case to your utmost satisfaction.

Give us a try!! The HMB team is looking forward to seeing you. On the following pages you will find an extract of our service portfolio.



Hull and Machinery etc.

Within the Hull and Machinery cover insurance we insure all damage to the ship, at all machine applicances, all accessories and the equipment including collision damage to third parties, general average contributions and total loss.


Disbursements etc.

Subject to the current market it may be possible that the value of a ship exceeds the agreed  hull insurance. In case of a general average or a possible replacement you might be encountered with coverage gaps which you can compensate with a disbursement insurance.


Protection & Indemnity (PI)

Together with the established mutual P&I clubs some provider offers cover the P&I risks with a fixed premium insurance. That means: Every ship owner has his own insurance in place. A broker acting as intermediary ensures that a complex damage case does not spread into the areas of Hull and Machinery cover and/or P&I Insurance.


War Risk

We recommend to have a war insurance for all ships operating world-wide, especially, when passing routes which are at risk by the acts of war. Any damage caused by an act of war is not covered by the regular insurance policies. A war insurance also covers the mine risks.