Cyber Risks Insurance

The risk of data loss and hacking is omnipresent, especially in our highly digitalised world.

Cyber risks is understood as being the violation of the confidentiality of personal information, the loss or damage of data and networks, either through carelessness or computer viruses and also the extortion by either hackers or via electronic theft.

Because of tough competition for products and markets, industrial espionage and cyber attacks are now growing and primarily directed against technology-oriented and innovative companies. Extensive IT protection measures are indispensable, but often not enough. Corporations are therefore increasingly relying on special insurance solutions to protect against the effects of hacker attacks and data loss.

The highly specialised insurers that we use, offer Cyber Risks Management Solutions that cover data loss or damage and third party liability claims resulting from hacker attacks. The policy also provides access to a highly specialised and experienced IT Security Consulting company with a proven track record in the industry.

The benefits of a Cyber Risks insurance cover:

  • Repair and replacement of networks and data
  • IT forensics
  • Legal consulting
  • Coverage for Crisis Management and PR consulting
  • Losses from operational interruption (optional)
  • Contractual penalties
  • Reimbursement of ransom demands
  • Costs for customers information
  • Costs for security improvements

Quelle: Trident Special Risks Versicherungsmakler GmbH